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Check out these weirdly adorable AirPods cases

Looking for a case to protect your AirPods from life’s little bumps? But you don’t want an ordinary, everyday case; you want something bizarre and different! Check out these weirdly fun and adorable cases for your AirPods or your AirPods Pro.

For first and second-generation AirPods


Joyleop Quicksand AirPods Case

Staff Favorite

Who wouldn’t want a glitter waterfall case for their AirPods? Most people, probably, but you’re not most people! In addition to being adorable, it offers a bit of entertainment as you watch the glitter swirl about.

$11 at Amazon

Mmm, ramen


Looking like a tiny Cup O’ Noodles ramen soup, this case protects your AirPods while humorously reminding everyone of your favorite savory, salty comfort food.

$9 at Amazon


Mulafnxal AirPods Case

Poocha Chubugga Oom Chickee! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! This is the must-have case for fans of Lilo and Stitch. There is also a pink version in this listing, and randomly, a pineapple.

$11 at Amazon

Say cheese

Lupct AirPods Case

Make your AirPods look like an old-school camera. No, it doesn’t actually function as a camera, but it will protect your AirPods (which are connected to your iPhone, which does function as a camera!)

$11 at Amazon

Little monster

Case-Mate – Airpods Case – Creature Pods

Meet Spike. This little guy is delightfully whimsical without being too over-the-top. Case-Mate makes tons of colorful AirPods cases, including a handful of these silly creatures.

$20 at Amazon

For Airpods Pro

Super blingy

CQFONG Rhinestone AirPods Pro Case

Can’t get enough bling? The sparkly little number couldn’t have more rhinestones on it if it tried. You can choose from a couple of different colors, plus you can find lots of first and second-generation AirPods cases here as well.

$14 at Amazon

Snack time

Joyleop Cheet Chips Case for Airpods Pro

Make your AirPods Pro look like your favorite snack? If crunchy and cheesy isn’t your thing, you can also choose from other sweet and savory snack look-alikes.

From $8 at Amazon

Switch it up

DouBX Hom Switch AirPods Pro Case

Is it a tiny Nintendo Switch? Nope, it’s a case for your AirPods Pro. It doesn’t get any cuter than this for fans of the gaming console.

$9 at Amazon

We scream for ice cream

elago Ice Cream AirPods Pro Case with Keychain

My mouth is actually watering looking at this case. Not only does it look pretty convincingly like an ice cream bar, it actually comes in a variety of “flavors.”

From $14 at Amazon

Which of the adorable AirPods cases should you choose?

The primary reason for a cover on your AirPods case is protection. All of these will do a nice job with that. But who says you can’t have some fun with your protection? If your taste runs to the unconventional, whimsical, or downright wacky, we’ve got you covered. I do enjoy those waterfall cases, like the Joyleop Quicksand AirPods Case. This one reminds me of the snow globes I used to collect from around the world when I was a little girl.

For your AirPods Pro, I’d go with the elago Ice Cream AirPods Pro Case with Keychain. This brand is basically synonymous with adorable. The elago Mac Apple Watch charging stand is a perennial favorite around here.