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Claim your Kamura Pack 1 in Monster Hunter Rise to get some free goodies!

These items can greatly help hunters on their quests.

What you need to know

  • Monster Hunter Rise has sold over 5 million copies worldwide.
  • Capcom has distributed Commemorative Item Packs for all players of the game.
  • The free bundles contain health items and bombs to assist players in hunts.

In celebration of over 5 million copies sold, Capcom has announced that all Monster Hunter Rise players are eligible for the Commemorative Item Packs, Kamura Pack 1 and Guild Provisions 1, as a thank-you bundle for hunters around the world.

To claim their Commemorative Item Packs, players must visit the Felyne in charge of delivering mail and creating multiplayer lobbies, Senri the Mailman. If you’re having trouble locating him, he can be found standing atop his box to the left of the Buddy Smithy in the Kamura Village square.

The Kamura Pack 1 contains the following items:
* Mega Potion x30
* Well-done Steak x20
* Large Barrel Bomb x10
* Mega Demondrug x5
* Mega Armorskin x5

The Guild Provisions 1 contains the following:
* Honey x50

Players must ensure their games are updated to the latest version and select “Add-on Content” when speaking to Senri in order to receive both item packs. These items, especially the barrels and elixirs, can definitely help players best even the most devious of monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise’s success is no surprise, however, as it is one of the best games on the Nintendo Switch. Players are loving the improvements made from past games and the quality-of-life changes brought on from Monster Hunter World. If you’re a new hunter, make sure to check out our best builds guide and have a look at our tips and tricks!

Rise to the top

Monster Hunter Rise

$60 for Standard Edition at Best Buy

$70 for Deluxe Edition at Best Buy

$100 for Collector’s Edition at Best Buy

Monster Hunter’s gameplay loop is equal parts challenging and addictive. Take on quests to hunt a wide variety of amazingly designed monsters on your own or with friends as you protect the peaceful Kamura village from the impending doom that is the Rampage.