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Position your webcam exactly where you need it with a mini tripod

In a world where any teenager can become one of social media’s top influencers, a great webcam is an essential accessory. It doesn’t do much good when it’s attached to the top of a monitor. Still, if you’re trying to make videos of different places and activities, a portable webcam tripod opens up endless possibilities when it comes to filming endeavors. We’ve put together this list of the best webcam tripods, and many of these will also work with an iPhone.

Simple and easy

Mama Win Mini Webcam Tripod

Staff Pick

The Mama Win Tripod is a small, straightforward tripod that will work with any small camera, webcam, or smartphone adapter to film your videos when and where you need them. It’s built with a mini ball head so you can turn, tilt, and twist it in different directions without sacrificing stability. For the price, this is an excellent accessory for your webcam.

$12 at Amazon

Flexxy filming

Smatree Flexible Jaws

Smatree is a reliable brand for quality camera accessories. Their flexible gooseneck webcam stand is a versatile accessory that you can adapt to fit the situation. The flexible neck can be turned, twisted, and wrapped around objects to achieve the perfect angle. It can be used almost anywhere!

$20 at Amazon$40 at Newegg

Lighting included

NexiGo Webcam Lighting Stand

NexiGo offers another flexible webcam stand, this one with its own lighting! The NexiGo features two gooseneck arms, one for the webcam and the other for a built-in ring light. It’s two for one!

$24 at Amazon

Small and compact

LarmTek Webcam Stand

This little tripod from LarmTek is super portable and easy to use. It folds up into a compact bar when not in use, but folds out in seconds when you’re ready to film. This is great for making videos on the go.

$8 at Amazon

Great for smartphones

qubo Mini Tripod

The qubo Mini Tripod works with any small camera, but it comes with special attachments just for smartphones. The versatile little stand will work with webcams, GoPro, smartphones, and traditional cameras. The tripod can be positioned anywhere between 5 and 11.7 inches tall.

$22 at Amazon

Pocket size

MOUNTDOG Portable Webcam Tripod

Mountdog offers this teensy tripod that holds a webcam or smartphone at six inches height for filming. The collapsible design allows you to fold it down into a compact rod that will easily fit into a pocket or small bag.

$15 at Amazon

Magnet mount

Forevercam Magnetic Camera Mount and Stand

Although it’s not exactly a tripod, this magnetic mount from Forevercam offers some unique possibilities due to its industrial-strength magnetic foot. This makes it useful when you want to affix your webcam to a metal surface such as your car or refrigerator.

$29 at Amazon

Most versatile

Smatree 3-Way Foldable Monopod

There are so many ways to use the Smatree Monopod. It works as a tripod, flexible stand, or even a selfie stick! Fold it, stand it, or bend it into a variety of configurations to suit your filming needs. The flexible ball head also makes it possible to twist and tilt the webcam in any direction.

$39 at Amazon

Bottom Line

Webcams and camera phones can be used in so many creative ways now, whether you’re taking Zoom calls or filming a cooking tutorial. Make the most out of any little camera with a convenient tripod stand, like the Mama Win Webcam Tripod. This one is simple and easy to use with a very attractive price point.

For a more versatile experience, try the Smatree Monopod that can be folded into various positions and configurations to fit the situation at hand. Regardless, any of these best webcam tripods will make a big difference in the way you take video.