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Twitter acquires Scroll, subscription option coming later this year

A Twitter subscription option has reportedly been in the works for some time.

What you need to know

  • Twitter has acquired news company Scroll.
  • It is going to be integrated into Twitter as part of a subscription option later this year.

Scroll has today announced it has been acquired by Twitter, and that it will be integrated into a broader Twitter subscription option later this year.

The company stated:

Twitter is acquiring Scroll. The service will be going into private beta as we integrate into a broader Twitter subscription later in the year. We’re very excited!

Since launch last year, Scroll has proven that there’s a model that gives consumers a better experience and journalists a better future. Today when Scroll members visit hundreds of top sites like The Atlantic, The Verge, USA Today, The Sacramento Bee, The Philadelphia Inquirer or The Daily Beast, they get a site that feels built solely for them: a blazing fast experience that loads with no ads, no dodgy trackers and no chumboxes of clickbait. At the same time, publishers get to deliver a site that increases engagement and makes them more money than they would make from ads. It’s a better internet and we’ve proven the model works.

The company says it was very excited when Twitter approached it to help accelerate its mission, and that Twitter is the only platform “whose success is deeply intertwined with a sustainable journalism ecosystem.” Scroll will reportedly play a large part in creating a Twitter subscription option later this year:

The mission we’ve been given by Jack and the Twitter team is simple: take the model and platform that Scroll has built and scale it so that everyone who uses Twitter has the opportunity to experience an internet without friction and frustration, a great gathering of people who love the news and pay to sustainably support it.

The release says Scroll will go into private beta “while we work through how best to integrate into Twitter’s own subscription plans”, and as noted will be part of a “broader Twitter subscription option” coming “later this year.”